March Air Base Scanner Frequencies

March Air Base scanner frequencies used by the airfield. For non-aviation services such as March ARB security forces and March Fire, see the March Air Base P25 System for talkgroup and frequency information.

March Security Forces

4MARB-P25Security Forces 1
5MARB-P25Security Forces 2
6MARB-P25Security Forces 3

March Fire

23MARB-P25Fire Dispatch
24MARB-P25Fire 2
25MARB-P25Fire 3


127.650NoneMarch Tower
253.500NoneMarch Tower
121.750NoneMarch Ground
335.800NoneMarch Ground
134.750NoneMarch ATIS
239.050NoneMarch ATIS
119.250NoneMarch GCA
133.500NoneMarch GCA
284.000NoneMarch GCA
324.100NoneMarch GCA
349.400NoneMarch Command Post
239.800NoneMarch Metro
134.000NoneSoCal Approach
278.300NoneSoCal Approach