Riverside County Sheriff Frequencies

On January 5, 2014 the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department switched over to the Riverside County PSEC radio system. All RSO dispatch, car to car, inquiry and tactical talkgroups are fully encrypted. Unfortunately means that Riverside County Sheriff can no longer be monitored on a scanner.

Below are some conventional frequencies that have been used by Riverside County Sheriff.

866.0125156.7 PLI-Call
866.5125156.7 PLI-Tac-1
867.0125156.7 PLI-Tac-2
867.5125156.7 PLI-Tac-3
868.0125156.7 PLI-Tac-4
868.5125156.7 PLCLEMARS
868.9875156.7 PLFIREMARS
158.895110.9 PLSan Jacinto VHF Backup
155.160110.9 PLRiverside Mountain Rescue Unit
123.425NoneAir Support
158.760110.9 PLCoachella Valley Sheriffs Interface
154.890192.8 PLEastern Co. Sheriffs Interface
154.890110.9 PLWestern Co. Sheriffs Interface