Anza Scanner Frequencies

Here you will find scanner frequencies, talkgroups and other information about scanning in the rural areas of Southwest Riverside County. If anyone knows of Anza scanner frequencies that are not listed here, please submit them.

Riverside County Sheriff

Riverside County Sheriff uses the Riverside County PSEC radio system and all day-to-day radio traffic is fully encrypted. Unfortunately this means that Anza residents cannot listen to the Sheriff’s department on their scanner. The community of Anza is served by the Hemet Station and on the radio they identify as “David” units.

131PSECHemet Primary
132PSECHemet Car-to-Car
133PSECHemet Tac 1
134PSECHemet Tac 2

Riverside County Fire

Anza is dispatched by Riverside County Fire and is served by Station 29.

151.385110.9 PLRRU 1
153.770167.9 PLRVC Command 8