Canyon Lake Scanner Frequencies

See below for a list of Canyon Lake scanner frequencies and other information.

Canyon Lake Police

This agency has cut over to the Riverside County PSEC radio system and all day-to-day radio traffic is fully encrypted. Unfortunately this means that Canyon Lake residents can no longer monitor Canyon Lake Police with a scanner.

118PSECPerris Primary
119PSECPerris Car-to-Car
120PSECPerris Tac 1
121PSECPerris Tac 2

Riverside County Fire

151.385110.9 PLRRU 1
154.445167.9 PLRVC Command 6

Local Government

461.3875165 DPLCanyon Lake POA - Community Patrol
451.3125114 DPLCanyon Lake POA - Golf Course Operations
464.875043 DPLCanyon Lake POA - Maintenance