Riverside County Sheriff

Adam = Colorado River Station
Baker = Cabazon Station
B-C = Smith Correctional Facility Transport
Bike = Bicycle Patrol
Calimesa = Calimesa PD
Canyon = Canyon Lake PD
CDF = Fire Prevention Officers (Cal-Fire)
Charles = Thermal Station (formerly Indio Station)
David = Hemet Station
Eastvale = Eastvale PD
E-C = Electronic Confinement Monitoring Unit
Edward = Jurupa Valley Station
E-S = Emergency Services Team
Frank = Lake Elsinore Station
Gang = Gang Task Force
George = Norco PD
H-D = Hazardous Device Team
I-C = Indio Jail Transport
I-D = Forensic Services
Ida = San Jacinto PD
Jurupa = Jurupa Valley PD
John = Indian Wells PD
L-A = La Quinta PD
Lake = Lake Patrol
Lincoln = Lake Elsinore PD
Menifee = Menifee PD
Motor = Traffic Enforcement
Moreno = Moreno Valley PD
Ocean = Palm Desert Station
Paul = Special Details (DUI checkpoints, truancy sweeps, etc.)
P-C = Perris Station
Perris = Perris PD
Posse = Horseback Unit
R-C = RPDC Transport
River = River Patrol
Robert = Special Investigations Bureau
Safe = Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Team
Sam = Rancho Mirage PD
SET = Special Enforcement Team
Southwest = Southwest Station
Star 9 = Aviation Unit
Temecula = Temecula PD
Tom = Palm Desert PD
West = Court Services West
Wildomar = Wildomar PD
X-Ray = Code Enforcement
Young = Coachella PD
Zebra = Riverside Auto Theft Interdiction Detail

Most patrol unit callsigns for RSO follow this format: Watch + Designator + Beat No. For example: “3-Frank-74” would be third watch, located in the Elsinore (county) area and in the 74 beat.

Riverside County Fire

Admin = Administrative staff
Air Tac = Utility Aircraft
Air Recon = Utility Aircraft
Ambulance = BLS Staffed patient transport unit
Battalion = Battalion Chief
Boat = Boat
Chief = Unit Chief, Staff Chief, or Deputy Chief
Comm Unit = Communications Unit
Communications = Telecommunications Personnel
Copter = Helicopter
Crash = Specialized Airport fire protection
Crew = Fire crew
Crew Transport = Crew bus or Conservation Camp Vehicle (CCV)
Dispatch = Emergency Command Center Personnel
Division = Assistant Chief or Forester II
Dozer = Bulldozer
Dozer Tender = Bulldozer Service Unit
Engine = Fire Engine Pumper, 50 gal per minute minimum
Engineering = Construction & Maintenance Personnel
FDU = Food Dispensing Unit
Forester = Resource Management Personnel
Helitack = Helicopter Crew
Helitanker = A fixed tank helicopter with a 1,100 gal minimum capacity
Helitender = Helicopter Service Unit
MCC = Mobile Communication Center
Medic = Paramedic staffed ambulance
Medic Engine = Paramedic staffed engine
Medic Truck = Paramedic staffed truck
Medic Squad = Paramedic staffed rescue squad
MKU = Mobile Kitchen Unit
Patrol Pick-up = Pumper, 15 gal per minute minimum
Prevention = Fire Prevention Personnel and equipment
Repair = Equipment maintenance personnel and equipment
Squad = Vehicles equipped to support rescue and extrication
Supply = Material Management personnel and equipment
Support = Specialized unit that may support equipment or refill breathing apparatus
Tanker = Air Tanker
Telecommunications = Telecomm
Trainee = Field Graduate Trainee
Training = Training Officer
Transport = Bulldozer Transport
Truck = Any apparatus outfitted with aerial ladders, snorkel, telesquirt, etc.
Utility = Utility and recon vehicle or stake side
VLAT = Airtanker with a retardant capacity of 5000 gal or more
Water Tender = Water tank truck, 1000 gal minimum

Riverside Police

Adam = Patrol (Graveyard)
Baker = Patrol (Daytime)
Charles = Patrol (Swing Shift)
Air-1 = Aviation Unit
Bike = Bicycle Unit
David = Detective
George = Gang Unit
Ida = ID Tech
John = Galleria at Tyler Unit
K-9 = K-9 Unit
Lincoln – Lieutenants
Metro = SWAT
Motor = Motorcycle Unit
Paul = Problem Oriented Policing
Sam = Sergeants
Traffic = Accident Investigator
Victor = Volunteer
Zebra = School Resource Officer

Typical patrol callsigns for Riverside PD follow this format: Designator + Area + Unit number. For example, “Charles 2-34” would be a regular patrol unit in area 2.

Murrieta Police

Adam, Boy, Charles, David, Edward = Regular Patrol
Frank = Roving Citywide Patrol
Ida = Detectives
John = School Resource Officers
King = K-9 Officers
Motor = Motor Units
Ocean = Code Enforcement
Park 1 = City Park Patrol
Paul = Community Resource Officers
Sam = Supervisors
Tom = Traffic Enforcement
Victor = Volunteer

Typical patrol callsigns for Murrieta PD follow this format: Unit number + Designator.