Sds 100

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Sds 100

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Hello everyone,

Is it worth it to get the sds100 scanner if all sheriff/police stations are encrypted in west riverside county. Also want to get in hopes of sb 1000 bill. Hopefully they go unencrypted.
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Re: Sds 100

Post by inlandpatch »

If you only want to monitor public safety, no not worth it. Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange County all encrypted. But if you want to monitor other systems, CRIS, CALTRANS, Edison, etc. for Phase II Sure why not. I use my SDS100 to monitor them and San Bernardino Fire now everything is encrypted. Works ok, still some things I'm learning, but if anything just buy a SDR ($30 on amazon) and download the free trunk tracking software. There is a variety of programs out there to play around with.
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