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Heard something interesting on the scanner? This is the place to share it with the community. Visitors are also welcome to post links to news articles about incidents that occurred in the county.
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Los Angeles,
San Francisco Bay Area,
New York City,
New Jersey,
Baltimore MD,
Philadelphia PA)

Minneapolis - St. Paul

Citizen expands to Phoenix with the mission of helping the community and its residents stay safe and informed. ... ef586c471d (old link)

What is GuardianNet:
GuardianNet is a next-generation radio scanner web app that allows for multi-channel listening.

Crime App Citizen Draws 1 Million New Yorkers and Some Controversy
Citizen sends alerts on fires, street brawls and obnoxious raccoons

Citizen uses a mix of humans and technology to monitor police scanners and sends out alerts to users regarding incidents occurring within about a one-mile radius of their smartphones. Users on site can upload photos and live videos of the scene. ... orry-about

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