Motorola VHF Astro

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Motorola VHF Astro

Post by tk353 »

Ok guys I need some help. I have this hand held unit and I'm looking for a shop to program it. Here is who I tried
Air waves in Moreno Valley - Never called back
Comserco in Riverside - out of business
Bear Com in Riverside - closed the Riverside branch - Called the Orange county shop pawned me off to the Redondo beach - no call back
Surplus two Radio in Santa Ana - voicemail - no call back
MCIS radio in Santa Ana - voice mail - no call back
Ham Radio Outlet recommended Port A Craft They don't even answer the phone

Any Direction would be nice
Eric Pekarek
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Re: Motorola VHF Astro

Post by CyborgRanger »

What is the model number of your radio? Or at least the series? (Saber, XTS, APX or NEXT?)
And what would you like to listen to that is VHF digital?

Bearcom and Comserco left Riverside many years ago. My last contacts with either were approximately ten years ago. The Bearcom manager had left for the Las Vegas branch and Comserco was operating in Ontario but I don't find them there now.
A couple of the other places mentioned may not handle "top tier" Motorola products at all. (No sales, no service). That doesn't excuse them in the least for not returning your calls.

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Re: Motorola VHF Astro

Post by Radioman458 »

Hey Eric, sent you PM give me call, Shawn.
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